The Greatest Bromance Ever Sold

Brady and Gronk set to be reunited

So, that didn’t take long. The greatest sporting love story of our generation has been rekindled – yes, we are talking about Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski only this time they swapped cold Boston for sunny Tampa.

In a move that appears to have caught many people off guard, should we really be genuinely surprised to hear this? After all, Gronk made it perfectly clear that he would only ever play with Mr Brady. And now, surprise, surprise, the duo are once again teaming up for one last rodeo before they both ride into the sunset that is the NFL Hall Of Fame. It’s hard to put into words the impact that this pair have had on the football field in the last decade, and it’s even harder when you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I must admit, I jealousy watched as the dynamic duo beat up on us, year after year.

Between them the pair have nine Super Bowl rings. Yes that’s right, nine. As an entire franchise, we only have six. You’re talking about the greatest quarterback of all-time, and a tight-end that revolutionised the game. On his day, Gronk was the footballing equivalent of a hurricane, unpredictable and utterly devastating.

Retirement and the WWE…

Gronk prematurely retired in March of 2019, because according to the man himself “I was not in a good place. Football was bringing me down, and I didn’t like it”. It’s understandable when you take into account the sheer amount of injuries he had suffered throughout his career. Perhaps his body just needed a break?

Recently he seemed to have settled down in life away from the football. He ended up in the WWE and originally signed a deal for only a few matches. He even hosted Wrestlemania 36 in April and on the second day managed to get his hands on the 24/7 Championship.

The WWE is likely to detract nothing from Gronk’s ability to play football. It has often been the case that their performers have floated in and out of the WWE universe, with the likes of The Rock in Hollywood and Brock Lesnar in the UFC. If anything, it’s been a way for the guy to stay in shape. Would he have to relinquish his title? Doubtful.

One thing is for certain, Vince McMahon sure knows how to make the most of an event and twist it to ultimately benefit the WWE.

Is Gronk actually needed in Tampa?

Next season will see the pair team up for the first time without a New England Patriots jersey in sight. And we all know that one just doesn’t work without the other. After all, plenty of questions surrounded Brady’s poor 2019 season, with many critics focusing specifically on the lack of a certain All-Pro Tight End.

Prior to his decision, it was assumed by some that if Tom Brady was going to leave the Patriots, then it would be to retire. However at this stage of his career, money played a significant driving factor. Now in Tampa, Brady has a chance to seal his perfect career and can do so alongside one of his most beloved teammates. And whilst there is certainly a risk presented by this move, their existing relationship will sure benefit the Bucaneers on the field. However, questions such as will he be more productive than the ascending O.J. Howard, still remain unaswered and will be until the football starts in September.

This move didn’t come free for Tampa and even though Gronk was off exploring the entertainment world, he was still technically under contract with the New England Partiots and therefore required some form of asset based return for his services. That return came in the form of a seventh-round pick with a fourth-round pick going the way of the Patriots. Gronk will obviously be subject to a medical, but considering his work with WWE and claims that he has been able to cure his own CTE issues, this will merely be a formality.

If Tampa manage to win the Super Bowl next season, this could be a glorious end to perhaps the greatest football story ever told.

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