Different Sport, Same Theatre

If you enjoyed The Last Dance, Anthony Gale is here to tell you about another behind the scenes look at a fractious sports team.

FOOTBALL RETURNS!! Borussia Munchen-Football’s-Back….

Archie and Sam go through the new rules, weird celebrations, terrible interviews and the trials and tribulations of football’s turbulent return.

EURO 96 England vs Scotland Review – The year Football almost came home

The boys are back and taking a look at England’s finest performance of EURO 96. We look back at *that* Gazza goal as well as the importance of England’s strong back line.


Worldwide football commentator Derek Rae talks to the boys from his home in Boston about some of his fondest footballing memories.

Episode 335 – NBA Special | Kayce Kirihara

Fashion and kicks influencer Kayce Kirihara (@infamousKayce) talks about The Last Dance and how Michael Jordan revolutionized sneaker culture.

Episode 334 – NBA Special | Chris Vernon of The Ringer NBA Show

Tom Hall is joined by Chris Vernon (The Ringer NBA Show) to discuss what the return of the NBA might look like and much more.

Batting for its life

Traditionalist cricket fans have largely derided The Hundred, but could now need the new format to succeed.

Picture Me Bowlin’: Compton Cricket Club, Hip-Hop and Politics

Those behind the world-renowned Compton Cricket Club have been been fighting gang activity and homelessness for over two decades. Josh Coyne explored the state of the team in 2020, their relationship to Hip hop and some eventful exploits in international affairs.

It’s not me, it’s you – breaking up with the ‘beautiful game’

Paddy McConway isn’t sure if he ever needs football back. Referencing The Wire, Aston Villa and Merlin Sticker Albums, he explores his souring relationship with the sport that once meant so much more.

Episode 333 – NBA | Two Truths and One Lie

On the second edition of ‘Two Truths, One Lie’, resident champ Nick Whitfield gets a chance to defend his title belt against Claire De Lune of Count the Dings.